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Court Alternatives Through Our Mediators

Dispute resolution is frequently a preferable alternative to a trial. MM&R’s mediators can serve as a neutral third party and guide disputing parties towards a resolution. Mediation is private, less expensive and usually a quicker process, plus it puts the resolution in your hands rather than with a judge or a jury. We are certified general civil mediators who will guide you through the various approaches and methods of mediation to achieve a fair resolution.

MM&R offers mediation services in the following areas:


Representation & Guidance through Mediation

MM&R attorneys can guide you through the mediation process. Whether your case is appointed by a judge or you have mutually decided to go through mediation, we can help you resolve your dispute with a solution that is fair to both parties. We will work with you through the mediation process to negotiate a solution that keeps your best interests and concerns in mind. The mediation process can alleviate stress for all parties in your case.

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