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Importance of Employee Benefits for Your Business

MM&R attorneys practice in a variety of different fields generically referred to as employee benefits.  We have worked with our clients in customizing specialized plans for key employees as well as general plans for the entire workforce.  Many times employers encounter issues related to the administration and compliance of their various benefit plans.  MM&R attorneys can guide you through issues with the IRS and/or Department of Labor to resolve them.  We can draft your Employer Policy Manuals (a/k/a employee handbooks) for your business, no matter the size or type.

MM&R attorneys can assist you with issues concerning the Americans With Disability Act (“ADA”), COBRA compliance, ERISA and FMLA.  Today, it is as important as ever to make sure that you comply with the host of complex regulations and statutes that deal with employee benefits, both federal and state legislatures.  Learn more about how we can work with you on your employee benefits packages and issues here.

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