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The Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. tax attorney team of Patrick B. Mathis, Philip D. Speicher, and Rebecca K. Wohltman recently won a complete concession from the Internal Revenue Service in a multi-million dollar Tax Court case.

The IRS alleged that the taxpayer fraudulently deducted expenses on his and his businesses’ 2000-2004 tax returns. The IRS alleged that the expenses were either not paid, or if they were paid, they were not actually deductible expenses.

Given the age of the tax returns, the IRS could only adjust the taxpayer’s tax return if the IRS could establish that the taxpayer deducted these expenses fraudulently. Approximately two months before trial, the IRS conceded that it did not have evidence to prove that the taxpayer acted fraudulently and therefore conceded the entirety of the case. The IRS alleged that the taxpayer owed nearly three million dollars for the additional tax, interest, and penalties. With the IRS’s concession, the taxpayer owes no additional amounts for those years.

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