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MMR is proud to announce our seventh year serving as a sponsor of the High School Sculpture in the City Program. This year, professional Sculpture Artist Marina Lee is returning to Belleville to work with fifteen art students from Althoff Catholic High School. Lee has previously worked with students from Belleville’s three other high schools. They are working together to create an implied arch, which will consist of two 9 ft. tall sculptures placed side by side to represent peace. The sculpture will soon become an entrance point for the St. Clair County transit bike trail, located adjacent to Althoff Catholic High School.

The students work will include all of the design, build and painting components to produce the sculpture. The sculptures’ bases are made of plywood and foam and then they will coat the framework with plaster before Lee takes the pieces back to her studio in Milwaukee, where she coats them in fiberglass. When Lee returns in early May, the students will paint the sculpture before its big unveil.

“Our firm is proud to sponsor a program that lets students work collectively to create something that can be treasured and admired by the city of Belleville and the entire Metro-East community,” said Patrick Mathis, shareholder at Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. “The arches representing peace will join the dozens of local student-made sculptures full of color and creativity, located throughout the entire city of Belleville.”

The completed sculpture will be unveiled on opening night of the Annual Art on Square Festival on May 19th. MMR is excited to see its unveiling and looks forward to biking past the peace arches on the Belleville bike trail.

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