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The attorneys of Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. attended the Rock the Need Gala on Feb. 9. This fundraiser was sponsored by Hoyleton Youth & Family Services (HYFS), and MMR was presented with the HYFS 2017 Community Service Award.

HYFS awarded MMR with this honor in a sincere expression of gratitude for the attorneys’ time they donated to helping underserved members of the Hispanic community through legal workshops. They did so in cooperation with Hoyleton’s Puentes de Esperanza (translated as “bridges of hope”) programs. During each workshop, MMR attorneys helped undocumented immigrants who risked deportation. Though classified as immigrants, often times their children are U.S. citizens. MMR attorneys assisted in designating powers of attorney, setting up guardians for their children and advising wherever they can.

MMR shareholder Patrick Mathis comments, “We do this because it is such a great opportunity for us as lawyers to do something for people in need. These individuals came to our country wanting a better life for their families and now face the risk of being deported while their children remain in the United States.” Mathis has been helping with the program since 2017.

Mathis goes on to say, “It is difficult to imagine the fear they face each day, not knowing if or when they will be separated from their children…Though I cannot fully gasp their reality, I thought that as attorneys, we might share our skills to alleviate some of their fears of the unknown by helping designate guardians for their children if they were separated from them.” Several other MMR attorneys and staff members have worked together at HYFS workshops.

Hoyleton Youth & Family Services has been serving the community since 1895, helping people of all ages through both residential and community-based services. These services include therapeutic residential treatment and foster care, transitional and independent living programs, crisis care, special education programs, and more.

Beginning with only three founding shareholders, Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. now has 24 practicing attorneys and five offices. Serving the community from Belleville, Edwardsville and Nashville, Illinois as well as Clayton and Perryville, Missouri, MMR provides both business and individuals with legal services. From business law to personal injury and discrimination matters, MMR has broad experience with a regional focus. Other practice areas include estate planning, taxation, banking law, bankruptcy and employment law. To learn more about Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd., visit or call 618-234-9800.