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The law firm of Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd., has awarded three recent high school graduates with scholarships to help them pursue a career in the legal field. The members of the firm believe that law is a noble and challenging career that provides attorneys the opportunity to serve both our clients and society. Isabella Foley, Andrew Layton and Ava Pace have chosen to pursue this noble career by enrolling in programs across the country.

Isabella K. Foley, a graduate from Belleville Township High School East, will be attending Purdue University to study communications. Isabella’s interest in the legal field sparked from her enjoyment of studying English, History and Forensics, while in High School. In attempting to narrow her studies down to one major, Isabella considered how her academic interests in annotating and analyzing historical references could fit nicely alongside a law career. Isabella shared that by choosing a broad major she will “be able to perfect [her] abilities to write a smooth and flawless legal report, speak confidently in front of large groups of people, and try out new things to see what the best fit for [her] is.”

Andrew P. Layton, a graduate from Perryville High School, will be attending The George Washington University in Washington D.C. this fall. Andrew’s aspirations to enter the legal field came early as his family has long considered him the ‘family lawyer’ due to his ability to not only argue and debate but to win. Andrew plans to study Political Science while in D.C. and post-graduation hopes to be admitted into The George Washington University Law School. Once in law school, Andrew plans to do “everything [he] can to restore decency in our legal system, specifically at the highest levels of the legal system in arguments over Constitutionality [in front of] the Supreme Court.

Ava L. Pace, a graduate from O’Fallon Township High School, will be attending The University of Alabama this fall. Ava’s experiences as a Mock Trial Co-Captain and as a Juror for the St. Clair County Teen Court encouraged the importance of the legal system in the United States and motivated her to pursue a career in law. Because of her involvement in Teen Court, Ava is certain she wants to become a lawyer. She shared how Mock Trial gave her “a glimpse into the world of law and how court cases are conducted,” further urging her to delve into a law career. Ava’s strong academic and extracurricular performance coupled with her desire to help others will make her a great lawyer one day.

Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. is proud to support these three young professionals in their pursuance of higher education and legal degrees. This scholarship program selects three eager students each year to encourage them to go after their dreams of going to law school. MM&R’s Law Career Scholarship is available to high school seniors each Spring.

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