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EDWARDSVILLE—John Jatcko knew there was something different about Beth K. Flowers the first time they met. And he hasn’t stopped singing her praises since then. Flowers, a shareholder at Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. in Belleville and Edwardsville, was one of several attorneys at various firms whom Jatcko contacted several years ago. A longtime financial adviser at Edward Jones, he was looking for a new estate planning attorney he could confidently recommend to his clients. So, he started going through the phone book. He took to lunch half a dozen attorneys from firms in the area and wanted to hear how they might be able to help his clients. Most of them wanted to show off their process—paperwork, forms, how they do discovery. Flowers didn’t. She talked to him and asked about his clients and what they needed—and that made all the difference. “I needed someone who was going to help generational businesses, the mom-and-pop shops and grandmas and grandpas who weren’t high net worth but wanted to help their kids and grandkids,” Jatcko says. “No one cared about that, but she did. That’s where the rubber meets the road.” Jatcko first handed Flowers his own legal work. When she impressed him, he referred all his clients to her—and continues to refer people to her, even after retiring a few years ago. “Literally to a person, they all come back and say, ‘Wow, that was refreshing. She’s really good,’” he says. “She talks to you, gives you exactly what you need, and she does it right. All of us left thinking we were served well.” Whether it’s wills and trusts, estate and gift tax planning, trust administration, real estate transactions or corporate and business law, that’s a level of satisfaction Flowers strives to give any client she works with. “The aspects of what I do are not the easiest topics for people, and they don’t come at the easiest times of their lives,” she says. “I take pride in making every process as smooth and efficient as possible for them.”


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