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By: Kevin J. Richter

Employers and employees should be aware that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has released a revised version of Form I-9 that is effective January 22, 2017.

Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization for individuals hired in the United States. All US employers are responsible for ensuring the proper completion of Form I-9 for individuals they hire to work in the US.

The revised I-9 form is designed to be more user-friendly and includes features to make completion on the computer easier. There are now drop-down lists for various fields on the form, such as acceptable documents, issuing authorities, states and countries. The form also includes on-screen instructions for each field in addition to the standard page of instructions. The revised form further includes a box for additional information allowing employers to include more information without having to fit it in the margins of the form.

While this form must be used for new-hires, employers do not need to have existing employees complete the updated I-9 form. Further, employers may still choose to print and handwrite I-9 forms for their new hires; however, this form has been updated as well so employers should be sure to download the new revised I-9 form for 2017 rather than using existing copies.

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