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LLC Act reductions

“Illinois LLC Fee Reductions” By Kevin J. Richter

Illinois has a new law (Public Act 100-0571) that significantly reduces fees related to Limited Liability Companies. Previously to file Articles of Organization, the fee was $500. Under the new law, the fee has been reduced to $150. The former $750 fee for filing the Articles of Organization in connection to an LLC with the ability to establish a series of LLCs is now reduced to only $400. For filing Articles of Amendment or amended application for admission, the new fee is $50 instead of the former $150.

Each of the fees associated with the filings related to Limited Liability Companies have been significantly reduced.

On an annual basis the fee for an annual report is now only $75 opposed to the previous $250.

These changes are being made to make Illinois more competitive in the LLC market. This brings Illinois more in line with other states though it is still not the lowest state for fees related to LLCs.

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