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By: Deanna L. Litzenburg and Montana L. Sinn

After a year and a half of protecting renters from eviction, the Illinois Eviction Moratorium expired on Sunday, October 3, 2021, pursuant to Governor J. B. Pritzker’s Executive Order 2021-23. In addition, on October 3, 2021, the Illinois Supreme Court’s temporary pause (or stay) on certain eviction cases expired.

What does the expiration of the Eviction Moratorium mean for renters and landlords? All residential eviction cases may now be filed, and all residential eviction orders and judgments may now be enforced.

The eviction moratorium protected residential renters from being evicted due to nonpayment of rent, however nothing in the moratorium forgave a tenant’s obligation to pay the rent. Instead, the moratorium provided renters with stable housing until the moratorium elapsed.

Now that residential evictions have resumed, residential renters fear eviction, landlords question how to collect the mass of unpaid rent, court dockets will face a significant backlog of cases, and there remain many unresolved questions. Illinois offers rental assistance, legal aid, and mediation. For questions regarding your rights as a renter or landlord, contact a local attorney today.

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