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By: William J. Niehoff

You might have purchased Business Interruption Insurance and paid premiums for that coverage.  The question frequently heard today is, can I recover for Covid-19 government ordered shut downs? The answer will depend on the language of your policy. Not surprisingly, insurers are rejecting claims based on various policy exclusions. Further, insurers are lobbying heavily to avoid paying claims.

The insurers do not have the final say regarding their coverage obligations. In some cases, particularly for restaurants, theaters, health care providers, dentists and others with public service businesses, there may be a right to recover losses due to government ordered shut downs. The courts might provide a remedy for business owners.

Insurance coverage litigation is highly technical and requires experienced legal counsel. MMR, Ltd. has experienced attorneys that represent businesses and individuals for insurance coverage issues, such as for business interruption.  Please contact one of our experienced attorneys for review of your case.

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