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Clyde L. Kuehn

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Legal Assistant: Denise Fietsam


Clyde Kuehn serves clients in the areas of white collar criminal defense law, civil litigation and appellate work from the Belleville, Illinois MMR office.

Kuehn has had a remarkable impact on the law community, and his honors reflect just that. Specifically in criminal defense law, his career highlights include
receiving the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and his appointment as chairman of the Complex Litigation Committee in Chicago.

Kuehn became St. Clair County’s youngest State’s Attorney when he was elected in 1976 at age 27. As the State’s Attorney, he served as a charter board member
of the Appellate Service Commission. In 1980, he embarked upon a successful private practice of law. His seven defendants in federal criminal jury trials were all acquitted of every count. On the state level, though he has not earned a perfect record defending criminal cases, his number of defeats can be counted on one

During Kuehn’s 10 years as the St. Clair County Public Defender and his 11 years as a Circuit Judge and an Appellate Justice, he was known for handling exceptionally difficult cases all the while keeping his commitment to justice.

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